WTES Generator Services follows our own custom written procedure that includes more than 20 individual checks on various parts of the generator and transfer switch that either meets or exceeds NFPA-110 requirements for life-safety applications:

  • Output voltage tests at the transfer switch to confirm the generator is functioning properly
  • Transfer switch test (<15min) and maintenance (if power shutdown is allowed)
  • Generator motor oil level, pressure and condition
  • Generator coolant level and condition of coolant
  • Generator cooling circuit temperature in various places at various times
  • Block heater function and block temperature
  • Generator cooling circuit general health including pump, belts
  • Indicator lights and panel gauges on both the generator and transfer switch
  • Small panel standard light bulb replacement on both the generator and transfer switch
  • Battery, battery cables and charger condition
  • Fluid leaks
  • Fuel level
  • Up to 20 minutes of onsite training is included with each visit.
  • Other basic functions

WTES Generator Services also includes the following as part of normal annual maintenance:

  • We replace used oil with high quality motor oil specially formulated to last up to one year between oil changes**
  • We replace used oil filters with new
  • We replace used fuel filters with new
  • We replace used coolant filters with new coolant filters as required
  • New air filters as required

WTES have good experience to maintain from 10KVA to 1.5MW Generators in different brands like CATs, Perkins, and MTU etc…

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